Hall Research Presents Their 4K HDMI Audio Extractor with Audio Amplifier and RS-232 Control

Extract audio from a 4K HDMI stream and send it to a pair of 8 Ohm speakers anywhere you’d like to.  Add an analog audio input and this very clever device acts like a mixer, as well as an amplifier.  Control it all and other devices as well using either RS-232 or IP and you have a real winner on your hands.

IP Control GUI on Android Phone

IP Control GUI on Android Phone

Whether you are setting up a conference room, outfitting a lecture hall at your local college or assisting in outfitting your local church – the EMX-I-AMP from Hall Research can make your life easier and set up a breeze.

So, why is this unit so special?  Hall Research spends a lot of their engineering time and energy building some very cool and very useful features into the products they bring to the market.  Most of their product offerings include control features that operate outside of much more expensive systems on the market and are simple enough for even the most basic user to master.

This device won the Best in Show award at ISE in 2016 and was a big hit at Infocomm as well.  One of the main features that seems to draw attention is its ability to pass RS232 signals through it to control a projector of large format display (LFD).  The signals can be coming from either a third-party control system or the built in GUI provided with the IP version of the product.  See what we mean in the diagram below:

Another cool feature is the ability to program HDMI Ducking into the system.   When Line input is detected, HDMI sound volume in the mix is automatically lowered.  This enables voice over in the case of live mic input coming from the line audio source as well as cut off when paging is detected.

One of the reasons this device is so widely accepted is the ability to handle 4K video input and pass along to the projector or LFD.   Full EDID management is provided with the ability to learn, download, upload, emulate or pass-thru the EDID from the connected display or

EMX-AMP Front and Rear Views

EMX-AMP Front and Rear Views

projector.  The device is also HDCP compliant for handling encrypted content.

Interested in getting additional information, please visit the product page for the EMX-AMP or EMX-I-AMP on the Hall Research website today.


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