DSF Educator of the Year: More Than Another Award – Nominations Open now

DSF Educator of the Year: More Than Another Award
We see awards given for a variety of reasons from creative endeavors, to products and services. Most are local, but many are regional or even national in scope and a select few are global in their impact. The DSF Educator of the Year digital signage award is one of the rare latter.But awards need not be global in stature to be appreciated. Service of a local, regional, or national nature is also deserving of recognition.

No doubt it is great to be given an award, to be recognized, to be singled out; but I suggest the most meaningful awards are for those companies and individuals who contribute to something greater than themselves.

This is where service awards such as ‘volunteer of the year’ or ‘educator of the year’ come into focus. If we look closely at these honorees, it is interesting to understand what make these people “tick”.

Every leader knows WHAT they are doing, some know HOW they do it, but it is sometimes difficult to articulate WHY they are doing it. The more inspiring and successful leaders think from inside out (from WHY to WHAT)

What sets educators apart from others is the certainty of knowing WHY they are doing what they are doing. Experience tells us it is the research and creation of a class. It is formatting the flow of information.

This is the reason WHY most educators teach. The HOW it is delivered will vary as will the subject matter or WHAT as Sinek describes it, but the WHY is the motivation and common denominator. It is for the greater good.

The DSF Educator of the Year Digital Signage Award

Representing the digital signage community, the Digital Signage Federation wants to honor these dedicated individuals who inherently understand WHY, HOW, and WHAT with a digital signage award.

It is through recognizing an educator of the year and placing a spotlight on a deserving individual that will illuminate all who are dedicated to education and continue to raise the bar of excellence in digital signage.

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It is time to repay that educator who made a difference in your professional and digital signage life. Trust me, it will mean a lot to them!

Request for nomination from the Digital Signage Federation Educator of the Year committee:

The Digital Signage Federation’s Alan C. Brawn Educator of the Year Award recognizes a deserving individual within our digital signage industry who exemplifies a willingness to share a broad spectrum of beneficial information in such a way that raises the level of knowledge of our industry, and promotes professional and personal growth – of not only an individual but our digital signage industry as a whole.

The nominee selected for the Award will have a recognized track record of presenting to the industry – including seminars, educational sessions and webinars, writing articles and white papers, or providing other learning opportunities which promote professionalism and growth of the industry.

Those educational efforts can occur across a variety of industry venues but must have a level of emphasis on digital signage. The nominated individual will have a minimum of two (2) years of exposure within the digital signage industry.

The individual can be nominated by other groups, companies or individuals who have an involvement in the digital signage industry and with personal knowledge of the candidate’s professional credentials.

Deadlines and Qualifications

The nomination of an individual will be accompanied by the appropriate nomination form, including a written narrative of the candidate’s award qualifications and a professional photograph for publication, if selected.

The presentation of this DSF Educator of the Year will be made at the Digital Signage Expo APEX Awards Ceremony. Nominations of individuals must be submitted on or before December 14th.

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This article first appeared in Commercial Integrator – November 29th, 2018

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