I have been involved in sales in one way or the other since 1976. I’ve worked with retail big box stores, technology stores, manufacturers and consultants. I’ve sold hard goods, consumer electronics, software, computer equipment, copiers, intellectual property, cameras and all sorts of other technology equipment. I have never had the experience of having a 100% close ratio on anything I have been involved with selling, until now. Of course we are talking about a small sampling of opportunities, but hopefully you will see where we are going here…

We are hoping that by talking about this experience we can somehow not jinxing things moving forward, but we have been so amazed by the results, we thought we’d take the chance.

So, let us ask the question – what does the Hall of Springs in Saratoga, an 850 seat theater in Albany, a courtroom in Albany, a church in Latham and a dance studio in Poughkeepsie have in common? The answer – difficult sound system requirements.

Working with our manufacturer’s rep, a local dealer (Technical Video) and the designer of the GO Audio line array speakers, Frank Ostrander we have been able to demonstrate a solution that has more than met each of these venues expectations and completely revolved the problems they were having from their previous speaker suppliers.

Each time we have showed the GO Audio line array speakers in environments where customers have been having issues, they have performed magnificently and ended up being purchased and installed in these challenging locations. As a manufacturer, the challenge is to figure out how to show these speakers to more people. As a consultant for that manufacturer, the challenge is to spread the word as efficiently and succinctly as possible.

So here is the bottom line – do you have any venues where sound quality and voice illegibility are an issue? Are you looking for an affordable solution that both looks and sounds like the quality solution it is? Do you know of a dance studio, health club, school auditorium, hotel banquet hall, corporate training room, college lecture hall, house of worship or community theater that could use a better sound system? The answer is to look at the line array systems, designed by Frank Ostrander and manufactured by GO Audio, an American Technical Furniture (ATF) brand in Holly Hill, Florida.

For information about these venues and white papers on the GO Audio speaker performance visit the ATF website or give them a call at 386-258-9958 today.

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