Business Development


As technology continues to drive change across the Audiovisual, IT and Digital Signage industries, it is no longer business as usual for the business professionals who work in them.

That’s because it is no longer enough to embrace new technologies and solutions and make them signature statements to the market.

We must now understand that marketplace trends are impacting our business models, daily operations and cash flow. They touch our finances and human resources, and can significantly affect marketing and sales.

So how do professional who have long prided themselves on being “technologists” make the shift successfully?

Let Brawn Consulting Show You How

With more than 30 years of experience in AV/IT/Digital Signage, Brawn Consulting understands what makes true “value” and how to apply it in these rapidly transitioning business environments.

Brawn delivers insight, intelligence and innovative thinking through multiple services and solutions including:

  • Business Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats)
    • MOST Analysis (Mission/Objectives/Strategies/Tactics)
    • 5 P Analysis
  • Business Development & Sales Strategies
  • Product evaluations and competitive analysis

Customized Services & Solutions for Multiple Audience Segments


Brawn Consulting works with AV/IT/Digital Signage manufacturers to create effective distributor and/or direct dealer business models that factor in the key trends driving change. From effective communication to internal and external training programs, we develop a continuous link from manufacturers to distributors to VARs that transcends pricing.


Distribution is all about efficiency, timeliness and differentiation. Brawn Consulting develops programs that interface between the manufacturer and the distributor, as well as the distributor and value added reseller/integrator to create a Value Added Distributor. Brawn Consulting works with Distributors to create value in the form of product knowledge, application engineering, communication and customer service.

Value Added Resellers/Integrators

Brawn Consulting works with Value Added Resellers/Integrators on differentiation and profitability by providing unique sales and marketing solutions and messaging. Brawn develops a customized “value proposition” for each client, helping them make the most effective and profitable impact possible.

Sales and Marketing

Accurate and timely data is essential for Sales & Marketing teams who manage company-wide communication initiatives and overall revenue growth. Brawn Consulting provides detailed market intelligence and data for manufacturers, distributors and the value added reseller communities. Deliverables are based on the “5P Approach” created by Brawn Consulting, with detailed overviews of Product, Price, Programs, Process and People, including appropriate market trends and forecasts.

System Design Peer Review

For those instances when an architect, interior designer, consultant or end user demands a second opinion, Brawn Consulting provides professional peer reviews, including support documentation.

Ready. Set. But Not Sure Where to Start?

Let Brawn Consulting help you explore and identify solutions for your immediate and long-term business needs and challenges.

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