Go to Market Solutions


Today at the very core of what we do in the AV, IT, and signage industries, it is all about business models and business strategies. While the technologies we sell, the designs we create, and the systems we integrate and install are the tangible evidence of our efforts, it is the proper due diligence up front from a business perspective before a display is installed or a network connected that makes the difference between and profit and loss. Without sufficient and continuing profit no business can survive.

From the business analysis perspective a key ingredient is to collect reliable information and data that will assist a company in those all important financial decisions that determine the health and well-being of your company.  The failure to perform proper due diligence up front and to collect information and data to guide the company is the number one point of failure of most businesses today. In a very real sense it is like flying blind or at the very least with impaired vision.

As we know hindsight is 20/20 and often it is more difficult and expensive, if not impossible in some cases to correct problems and address structural issues after the fact so it is imperative to conduct meaningful research from an independent source at the outset and avoid the tendency to internalize the process. By internalizing we limit a more inclusive and broader view and ignore issues that may be of significance.

In most cases a classic SWOT analysis will be a great start. By looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a company can discover and uncover who they are and where they stand but once again this is limited by the internal nature of the process. In many cases a careful examination of factors beyond the hallways of a company will review truths that cannot be told or heard from the inside out and can provide the edge or differentiation a company is looking for. This begs the question of just what to do and Brawn Consulting can provide those answers.

Let Brawn Consulting Show You How

Brawn Consulting delivers insight, intelligence and innovative thinking through wide ranging industry experience and affiliations spanning over three decades and they provide multiple services and solutions including:

Market Insights

When we think of market research and data gathering, we think of numbers, charts, and graphs and while those are all part of the tool set that Brawn Consulting utilizes, it is the market intelligence through personalized interviews with major companies, consultants, distributors, and integrators, as well as stake holders in a company that provides insight into what those numbers mean. This approach completes the picture that is trying to be drawn.

Go-to-Market Solutions

Once the market insights are revealed and the research completed, it is time to evaluate the totality of what has been learned and prepare an effective go to market strategy. This may be for a new startup venture or for a company adding a new initiative or perhaps wanting to make significant changes in their current market approach. As we all know, one size does not fit all and Brawn Consulting has a proven track record of “listening” to and understanding the AV, IT, and signage markets as well as the verticals that are served and applying that knowledge to a unique and differentiated go to market strategy. The process is a team effort between Brawn Consulting and the stake holders in a company. It involves discussion and the creation of a meaningful value proposition, consensus, planning and development and finally implementation and analytics to measure performance.

Product Evaluations and Competitive Analysis

Under the umbrella of go to market strategies is the requirement to conduct impartial and independent evaluations of products as well as a competitive analysis. While specializing in displays of all types as well as projection screens and mounts, Brawn Consulting has the experience and technical expertise to conduct evaluations of most current AV, IT, and signage technologies. This provides an unbiased view of product performance and the competitive landscape and can affect both the product and marketing strategies of a company.