Review: Solving Video Wall Problems with the Matrox QuadHead2Go Series

By Alan and Jonathan Brawn Principals, Brawn Consulting For the resellers and integrators within the pro AV and digital signage industries, everything relates (directly and sometimes indirectly) to solving problems for their customers. Within those industries, we can simplify everything down into two overall types of projects. The first is an upgrade and refurbishment to […]

Have you Signed up for Digital Signage Certification Training Yet?

The “live” versions of the Digital Signage Experts Group’s Certification classes are being taught again this year at Digital Signage Expo (DSE – for those of us hooked on acronyms).  DSE is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 27th through March 30th.  Here is the link for the online registration to […]


I have been involved in sales in one way or the other since 1976. I’ve worked with retail big box stores, technology stores, manufacturers and consultants. I’ve sold hard goods, consumer electronics, software, computer equipment, copiers, intellectual property, cameras and all sorts of other technology equipment. I have never had the experience of having a […]

Volusia Schools Works With American Technical Furniture On Unique 3D Print Project

A couple of Volusia County Schools are collaborating with the company American Technical Furniture (ATF) to bring 3-D printing technology, student’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum and industry together. This is a very unique project that is all about the kids. “This is a collaboration event between American Technical Furniture and Volusia County Schools,” said […]

Why Get Certified? DSEG Certifications at DSE 2017

In today’s increasingly competitive workplace, there are numerous benefits to industry certifications. Certifications have taken on a life of their own in medical, legal, architectural, audiovisual and IT industries. It has become an essential part of hiring, job skills training, personal development and advancement. The Digital Signage Federation, the Digital Signage Expo, and numerous manufacturers, […]

Premier Releases New Case Study on Pizza Hut Project

Digital signage is rapidly becoming a must-have technology for companies operating in the quick service restaurant market. Menu boards and animated videowalls offer convenient features such as the ability to update price, menu, nutritional info, and content easily. Vivid digital displays also prove superior to printed menu boards at grabbing the attention of restaurant guests […]