Digital Signage 101: The Basics

As we know, the digital signage industry is continuing to grow exponentially with new and exciting applications seemingly cropping up every week. We also know that we deal with so many people day to day who need an impartial and vendor neutral primer on what digital signage is all about. As we all know, an educated and informed contact, associate or customer makes the best decisions.

In this regard this 30-minute webinar covers a macro view of digital signage as it exists today, covering who is using it and how, as well as the basic elements that go into a successful digital signage deployment. We talk about one screen in a lobby, office, or store, all the way to thousands of screens across the nation. We introduce some simple best practices and key elements and also answer questions about what is involved in the Digital Signage Expo, the Digital Signage Federation and Digital Signage Certified Expert program and why these resources should be important for you and your contacts.

Please enjoy the session,  hosted by Brawn Consulting and conducted by Dave Haar, Director of Business Development. Prior to joining Brawn, Dave has over 30 years’ experience in the computer, Pro-AV and Digital Signage industry, most recently as VP of Strategic Partner Sales for Kramer Electronics.

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